Blessed 2013!

Have you been busy? I am. Christmas, family time, clearing leave, holiday, celebration and etc… How can one not? Are you grateful that all is over and now everything fall back to normal? I enjoy every bit of everything but now I am truly happy that I can sleep in a lil again. I couldn’t remember how many gift I bought, wrapped, and give away…how many guest I have over for dinner, or dinner I went, and not to mention how many chicken I killed to feed my guest. Okay, not the killing part, but just cooking to feed part is true. I pray that the chicken will forgive me. No part has gone to waste. Amen.

Another thing I am grateful of…I lil girl turn ONE! Yeah, she completed her first year and now moving strong to two! Surely, I prepared a birthday celebration for her, or maybe more like for me to celebrate her life in my life….and how I ended up falling sick 2 days before her birthday after attempting to do up too much. Then, I shamefully do not have much picture to show you how much deco I put up because I am trying to pull myself together with lotsa medicine before my guest arrive. Thankfully, with the help of friends and my brother…I am able to pull off my ambitious cooking plan up to almost 90%. The only down side about the food is…salty meatball which I fail terribly due to my dull taste bud. Still, I am grateful everyone enjoy it and most importantly….I lil girl have lotsa fun. She is the center of everything and I couldn’t ask for more.


I am glad that I get to spend quality time with her, looking at how much she has grown and imagining what she will be. I couldn’t deny all the hard work is very tiring. But, every milestone she achieve, kissing her the very first thing in morning, smelling her sweet sweet scent often just filled my heart with joy. I Thank God for my lovely family.

I hope you too surrounded by all your love ones and have a blessed 2013!


Sailor Christmas

I live in a country where everyday is a summer. I won’t need to check on the weather report to plan on what cloths to wear the next day, or what food to cook for the next week. Everyday is a summer. How boring good is that. Yeah ya yup! So, everyday is a bermuda day, everyday is a singlet cotton t-shirt day, and everyday is the cold cold salad day. No, I am kidding with the salad part. I live in an area we like our food cooked. Ok, let’s not drill into that as I can take forever to talk about the different about the place I live. I am absolutely fine with where I am. What I wanna say is…Christmas is not white in this part of the planet. It can be any color, any shade, any theme, any form. It can be summer. Yeah, summer and Christmas? Nope, I am not in Australia. I am in a place where everyday is summer. Malaysia!

So, I am into the sailor thing recently and found a quote which suite the sailor theme. So, I have a Christmas tree setup with a sailor looking teddy bear (yeah, just because of the blue stripe) sitting by the side, also frame up my favorite quote “Anchor of my life” with a painted white raw wood frame. What do you think? Don’t they looks cute together?

Anchor of My Heart (Heb 6:19)

Anchor of My Heart (Heb 6:19) via acuppacards

What is coming next…Christmas gift under the tree. Have you finish with your Christmas shopping and wrap up all your gift? I done my shopping but still procrastinating with the wrapping. It is just not an easy task to have a young baby around during the gift wrapping. She will just put every single piece of paper into her mouth. So, it will just have to wait till I find time on my own in the middle of the night. My dilemma? I love to sleep. >.<

Flower! Flower! Flower!

I am so excited over the DIY flower. They are so lovely, magical yet so easy to make. I am so surprise there are so many ways of making them. Now I know what I am going to do with those shirt / pants/ cloths that wear off. I will turn them into these beautiful creation for different occasion and purposes.

First come first…the flower for my lil girl room…the 3D tree in the previous post? It have to be this! I will make it with various of love colour fabric…awwww, so sweet!

Then…there are more variety I will make it on my lil girl shirt, sweater, jacket, dress, headband, hat, shoes like these…

On the pillow like this…sure to make my Blueprint girl go…wooo woooo woooooooo!

Do you need more? I am so overwhelm! All these, thanks for the sharing by Jones Design Company.

Oh…last but not least…I will do these ornament flower too. However, I will modify it a little using recycle paper cup/ cover instead of the material suggested. Well, I believe it will be as adorable as these. Check out Stephanie Lynn in Under the table dreaming tutorial too. Oh, so creative!