The Time Tunnel

We visited a tourist spot called Time Tunnel. I heard a lot “uuuu….ahh…yeah” about this place from friend of my age. So, I decided to give it a short visit before I move on to others itenary in plan. It is along the way…anyway.

It turn out to be the best place I visited during my weekend mountain get away.

time tunnel kitchen

This remind me of the old kitchen in my childhood days.

time tunnel dining

The dining area. Same chair and same table wrap with same PVC table protector but in different colour.

time tunnel accessories

The same blind, chair, table, food storage cabinet and many more….accept the mahjong on the table. My family totally against gambling playing mahjong.

When I am lead all the way down the momory land, amaze by the little things here and there from my childhood, my mom goes…

“I still have, keep and use some of these till today.”

Time move on quickly and many things past on. But the sweet memory of the old always linger on. It is the best “uuu…ahhhh” we cherish.


Where I want to be

Where I want to be

Waking up in the morning greeting by a warm sun and cold breeze is the best way to start a day.

I wish I have extra to buy a small cottage in the mountain area so I can enjoy these beautiful weather if not everyday, at least every weekend. A small cottage with warm bed and a small but functional kitchen that bring warm breakfast to the table. I wish…I wish….maybe I should try to make this dream come true ūüôā

As for today… I m going to buy a bouque of flower for my mother. Then, we will be heading up to the tea plantation, check out the bee farm, cactus farm, strawberry farm and the farmer market. Sound like too much to do for half a day before we make our move back to the city where we came from.

I hope for a sunny good weather with cold breeze through the day. Amen.

May you have a great day too.


Let me go

Let me go

Is mother’s day. My second mother’s day because of this lil girl. I m different in many ways because of her. My everyday is very much about her, including mother’s day. I took her together with her grandma to the mountain for a weekend holiday.

We were in the lavendar park and she say…

“Mommy, let me go”

I wonder, will I ever ready to let her go…

Happy mother’s day to all wonderful mother!