Pale Seashell Summer Deco

How is your summer coming along? It is still warm in your part of the world?

We are having heat wave now in Asia. The never failing Jun-July Indonesia burning season never fail to turn my world pale, with a shade of haze and the burning smell. Every morning, I look out the window wishing those are not pollution but the morning mist, even though morning mist never exists in the concrete jungle. So, with my windows close tide and the cold air from the air-condition, as well as the air purifyer on, I love the pale pale city I see.

Many may prefer to brings colours into home during summer but I love the whitish pale shade. I start off with my seashell and raindrop deco first. Then, I found this very beautiful pale seashell from Sabah. Forgive me for collecting the seashell although I know it means killing the living creature who used to live inside. But, it is the development in my country that dig the sand from the deep ocean and fill the shore with more land for commercial purposes. Seashell like this often left abandon in hills of sand, and then under the development.


So, I make up my summer table centerpiece with this giant female seashell, company by pale green, blue pebbles, and more small seashell.


I also have the whitish coral rock on the display shelf. It looks awesome with my chrome coral tree don’t you think?


Have a blessed summer 🙂




Assurance of Spring

Season of spring…a time for all green to return, all flower to blossom, all smile return to the faces after a long cold grey.

Yet,  11 March’2011 bring another furious storm. How can one fathom why it have to happen…who is at fault and what need to be done. All of the sudden, everyone setting their eyes on Japan. It brings tears to my eyes… many has lost their life, their love ones, their home, their business, their career and their future. The future they spend years of hard work to build. Indeed, Japan is a country filled with amazing people, who spend their life working on what they believe. And, till today…even after such cruel storm, they are still doing their very best to live with dignity and great determination.

I cry for God’s mercy for people in Japan…for the land of rising sun. I pray that God will restore the land and the people…bringing them new life, new hope and new future.

Eph 2:3-5 (NIV) …Like the rest, we were by nature objects of wrath. But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions–it is by grace you have been saved.

I am working on a painting…title “Assurance of Spring

Photo taken by “Andor Szathmari”

The last few grey sheets still stirring
Far beyond what your hand can restore

The storm swipe away castle of comfort
Scrip to basic like bloom is never before

Hearts crying how long the winter will stay
Minds wondering how much more you can take

Then, you’ll be like the snowdrop flower
Humble in your posture yet courages

Then, you’ll break through that thick snow
Spreading your bud and rise again

Then, you’ll declare to the world your new life
Because God will be your strength

The old has gone and new will surely come
Because God mercy will calm the storm

In new life you found hope like living stream
And you will never be thirsty again

By Imeau March 21, 2011

Also, I like to dedicated this to those who’s hurt. Please always remember, no matter how cold the winter may be… how long it may takes, the spring will surely return…

Reflection for 2009 Cell Retreat

2009 September – As we drive across the narrow road from one tea plantation hill to another hill for approx 45 mins.

We hear the car engine roaring
We saw the growth along the road is too distracting
We couldn’t see what is waiting for us around the corner
We felt the stress as the air is getting thinner
We felt our stomach begins to stir-up some unknown flavour
We felt the journey is way too far, too much to bear


We realize God protection over us
We realize we are together – 3 cars travelling together – 9 peoples
We realize we can sing and joke over every the narrow road and deadly turn
We realize the fresh green fragrant is in the midst of the thin air
We realize the layers of green of the tea plantation is really beautiful
We realize the journey is amazingly extraordinary

And finally, we reach a destination. We are impressed by the solitude before our eyes – impressed with the beauty of God’s creation. A tree stand right on the top of the hill among the green dynamically. We spend 1/2 hour climbing up towards the tree by foot excitedly to finally find out it is not just a tree…but a young tree grow on top of an old tree which set its root on a big rock.

As I reflect what we been through…it reminded me of our life – we always doubt if we have what it take to reach our destination. Too many things in life distracted us from our goal and we never know what will come next. As we go along, we got stress up and started to worry for the unknown. We couldn’t wait for it to end cause we couldn’t bear it anymore…

How often? How often we realize God is with us, that we are not alone? All the challenges in life becoming just a joke and a song with all the Godly companion by our side. We begins to look at everything we experience differently – learning every good and bad things in life is significant in our journey of growth. Our journey becoming meaningful and extraordinary because our God is in control.

Then, as we press-on reaching the crescendo of the race with our last bit of strength focusing at that one goal before us, the destination is usually more than what we aspect. Even the extra freebies God bundle into His blessing always beyond our imagination – always filled with His love and gentle reminder – to set our root on the rock.

“The Lord is my rock” (Psalm 18:2)