Happy Birthday, Dad


June 19 is my dad birthday. He often look forward for his birthday and will remind us like a month in advance.

He hope we will be with him
He hope we will take him to somewhere nice
He hope we will bring him something special
He hope we will buy him things that he likes
He hope we will spend time listen to him

But this year, didn’t take him to anywhere, bring him anything or even do anything for him. It hurts me badly that we just let the day went to past like this. We didn’t even sit together to mourn because we done enough for the last 3 months.

I felt miserable to realize he has done his part but I didn’t do my part
I felt sorry I didn’t spend more time with him when I am able
I felt terrible that I realize it too late.

Hurt blind my heart. I am expecting too much from him. I didn’t learn earlier we shouldn’t compare, and each family has their own set of challenges. He may do many things wrong but he is still a good father. It is his responsibility to brings me up but not his responsibility to provide the perfect family I wish to have. I couldn’t realize this earlier. It is often easier to blame it to someone else.

I am sorry, daddy… I wish I can have my current understanding and the opportunity to go back to you. To thank you for all you have done and apologies for those years my heart is harden. I will not forgets how you have encourage me in pursuing in drawing and art. I wouldn’t never be as good as who I am today if not because you have natured my confidents. I always remember days I hide in your arm during the thunder storm. We sleep with our arm wide open on the football field watching the star and fireworks at night. I am deeply thankful for the warm chicken rice and roasted pork bun your brought for my breakfast. All the countless idea and things you build and fixed for us. Lastly, thank you for those newspaper you cut and compile your us. I will treasure it and remember you every time I read through them. Thank you, dad.

I hope my prayer brings you comfort. I hope the food I bring from many places still taste as good as it should be, and you are still able to enjoy them. I hope the hugs, and touch of my hands give you affirmation. I hope the words I speak delivered my love for you. If the medication and treatment cannot heal you, I hope the Lord give you comfort. I thank God that you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. It is the best gift you gave us, at the very last days of your life. At least I know you are in a better place, and a safe hand. I believe that you can fly freely again to anywhere you want to go, doing anything you wanted to do. Be free, be happy, and be sure that we will continue the legacy you leave behind.

Good bye, daddy…till I see you again in heaven. Happy Birthday. I will miss you always.




Cake for my lil helper

I have been reading a book for my lil girl during her bedtime. It was her favorite book. A simple story about a lil bunny visiting her grandma, and they make cupcake together. The grandma bunny doesn’t mind that lil bunny get all covered in sticky pink frosting. When come to this part of the story, my lil girl has a lot of questions to ask…

“Mommy, what the lil bunny doing?”
“Mommy, lil bunny sitting on the table?”
“Mommy, lil bunny eating the pink frosting?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is dirty?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is happy?”

So, I wanted to allow her to experience this for herself, eating the cake frosting on the table, getting all sticky and dirty.

Here’s is the chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting. The cake is not the most important thing, but the process.



This is what my lil helper gets to do in the process…


And this is the end result…


One happy sticky lil helper. And a mommy with lotsa cleaning to do 🙂

My Grace is Sufficient

This last vintage quote art for the french linen texture series. I been praying of the right verse as the ending or the closing of this Christian motivation series. It is not an easy one. There are just too many wonderful verses and all of them are so prudent in my life.

The first quote art titled “Love never fails” reminded me God never fails. His love never fails. He never fails. And, He’s the anchor of my life. Conclusion, my live should not fail. I am not talking of having a failure free life, but rather a life in a guarded risk by my Heavenly Father. I am sure my Father won’t let me go astray. 😛

The second quote art titled “My strength & my shield” is God telling me, He’s my armor (shield) in danger, and He’s my weapon (strength) to overcome my challenges.

Now, the third quote art, also the closing, titled “My Grace is Sufficient”.

I remembered the days  before I know Christ, I work my way up in cooperate leader. There isn’t other way. I don’t have a wealthy parent who allow me to fall back whenever I am tired or things don’t work out. So, I often walk the extra miles, burn the midnight oil, not sleeping for nights, weekends and push myself to work, work and work. Deep down… I am very tired and end up with serious insomnia, relying on sleeping pills to sleep for almost 2 years. I am desperate yet I can’t find a way out.

Then, I know about Jesus through a private event. It was then, I ask Jesus, why should I believe in you? The next things I know, a pastor walk up the stage and say “Child, you have nothing to lose anymore”. It was then, I began my journey being called a Christian, learning about Him in church and small group bible study. It has been almost 10 years now. My life is not a bed of roses, but I learn that I can rely on Him. His grace is sufficient for me.

My grace is sufficient 2 Cor 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

2 Cor 12:9

I am weak, but He is strong. My life becoming a testimony of His glory. I quit from my jobs years ago trusting my Provider will provide. My Provider not only provide, but always provide more than enough. He took me through all the thick and thin in life. I wouldn’t ask for more. 🙂

So, I like to dedicate this quote art to those who need this reminder…

You don’t have to worry about the challenges you are facing, because God won’t allow anything more than what you can bear. You don’t have to take everything in your hands and fight all the battle alone.
It is ok to be weak, so God can be strong in us. Let God be God and do wonders that only God can do.