Just me

Seasons past away, time flies, and we move on. Many things changed.

2009, I am very much a change person in term of my life perspective and priority. 2011, once again,  I decided to change for good. I am going for my passion. Then…suddenly, 2012 fly by and next, 2013, and 2014…o I can’t wait!

My Origin

I’m brought up in a tropical small town at the South end called Melaka. I spend most of my childhood day dreaming about what I will be when I grow up and I try my very best to ensure each step taken will be relevant to who I will be. I desire success.


I’m like a piece of triangle setting on a journey. Along the way, I found a green pasture, which is comfortable for me to stay on for a while. Of course, I (the triangle piece) have found someone along the way to form a more complete form. This new form helps during the moving forward. However, the new form also has the danger of falling backward if one is not careful. Lots of coordination to work on…and still working on it. ^_~ Is a life time journey. Then, we have a little piece clinging along with us. It is even more difficult to move around but every moment is filled with lil joy that bring smile to my face. Oh, I couldn’t ask for more…


God is the center of my life. He is the One I rely, clings on solely for most things in life (if is still within my power to choose and decide).


Job + Career is out of picture. I still work on commercial “below the line” project from time to time. But, a teacher who know me well once pointed to me I am too workaholic. If I do not learn how to rest, I will wear out in 10 years time. So, I am putting a real rest to many things now, specially…the success I once desire. At times, being successful is merely a direct path to alone-ness which make me wonder the so call success is even worth it, or merely chasing after the wind in vain.

Child caring, building my nest and creating becoming a major part of my life now. First, it is out of love. Second, it is nothing but love. Love for my lil girl and JP, and love for arts.

It is also a season of collecting, drilling on knowledge and more focus. So, I will be reading a lot and experimenting in different form of creation.

I will be focusing….

  • Reading, teaching, reading and teaching (my lil girl for sure)
  • Cooking, baking & eating healthily
  • Traveling – Short break away with my loves one
  • Community Building & Mission Outreach to the poor & marginalize

The lost & found…

  • Drawing – I abandon it for a while and now I am back in action using various media. Awww, it was fun!
  • Piano – Yes, I play piano. But, I abandon it for 12 years and love to play again. I have my piano shipped back with me. Yeaaah!

As you can see…I used to be good in certain things, and how much I gave up all these years. ^_~ Yet, I sincerely appreciate the years I work because it enable me to identify what is more important to me.

And finally, I treasure every opportunity, experiences and peoples that I met. You enable me to count my blessing daily with great gratitude.

Updated: May’14


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