Pale Seashell Summer Deco

How is your summer coming along? It is still warm in your part of the world?

We are having heat wave now in Asia. The never failing Jun-July Indonesia burning season never fail to turn my world pale, with a shade of haze and the burning smell. Every morning, I look out the window wishing those are not pollution but the morning mist, even though morning mist never exists in the concrete jungle. So, with my windows close tide and the cold air from the air-condition, as well as the air purifyer on, I love the pale pale city I see.

Many may prefer to brings colours into home during summer but I love the whitish pale shade. I start off with my seashell and raindrop deco first. Then, I found this very beautiful pale seashell from Sabah. Forgive me for collecting the seashell although I know it means killing the living creature who used to live inside. But, it is the development in my country that dig the sand from the deep ocean and fill the shore with more land for commercial purposes. Seashell like this often left abandon in hills of sand, and then under the development.


So, I make up my summer table centerpiece with this giant female seashell, company by pale green, blue pebbles, and more small seashell.


I also have the whitish coral rock on the display shelf. It looks awesome with my chrome coral tree don’t you think?


Have a blessed summer 🙂




Simply Spring


Just incase you haven’t notice, I love WHITE! It delights me a lot when I am able to just go back to my WHITE. Just the simple white and not answerable to all the seasonal, festive colour. So, I didn’t even need to think twice about what to do for my simple spring. I don’t really care that spring has many more wonderful colour, they are nice, but what appealing to me, lasting forever, is just WHITE!

I am kinda relief when the house get to go back to simple white. Simple colour give me peace and making life more natural. 🙂

Simple life is just clean white
Simple life is cooking a hearty meal
Simple life is watching TV with my husband and lil girl
Simple life is able to write my thought after a long day with a cuppa
Simple life is able to pray, praise and worship God anytime, anywhere

Thank GOD for my simple life.