My Shelter & Strength

The magic of a thoughtful art display is unbelievable. You must have notice by now how much I love them. I have them all over my house, like every corner and every turn. I display them in a place I couldn’t miss and here is another one I adore where I place in another corner of my sunroom.

I love the grey in between brown color of this vintage inspiration quote art. It work amazingly with my earth tone furniture. The quote “God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble” from Psalm 46:1 is such a encouraging quote knowing that God favor is with me specially in my time of need.

Do you like my chrome deco?  I got the tree from a KKhome Deco shop in Melaka and the owl is from Thailand, a recent gift by my sister Amy.

God my Shelter Psalm 46:1

God my Shelter Psalm 46:1

My Christmas deco are all cleaned and kept for next year. The “Anchor of my life” quote art went into my lil girl room as the sailor bear belong to her too. They just need to be together-gether. ^.^

So, in the sunroom, I am happy with this new addition for now as I am planning for the coming Chinese New Year decoration. Oh, just so you know…Chinese New Year is another BIG celebration for us here. Some may even think it is a more celebrated event in this part of the world, with MORE MONEY to spend on food and “ang pao” (a form of gift in cash and wrap in red paper pocket, printed with prosperity quote on it).

So yeah..another busy season for me. >.<


Sailor Christmas

I live in a country where everyday is a summer. I won’t need to check on the weather report to plan on what cloths to wear the next day, or what food to cook for the next week. Everyday is a summer. How boring good is that. Yeah ya yup! So, everyday is a bermuda day, everyday is a singlet cotton t-shirt day, and everyday is the cold cold salad day. No, I am kidding with the salad part. I live in an area we like our food cooked. Ok, let’s not drill into that as I can take forever to talk about the different about the place I live. I am absolutely fine with where I am. What I wanna say is…Christmas is not white in this part of the planet. It can be any color, any shade, any theme, any form. It can be summer. Yeah, summer and Christmas? Nope, I am not in Australia. I am in a place where everyday is summer. Malaysia!

So, I am into the sailor thing recently and found a quote which suite the sailor theme. So, I have a Christmas tree setup with a sailor looking teddy bear (yeah, just because of the blue stripe) sitting by the side, also frame up my favorite quote “Anchor of my life” with a painted white raw wood frame. What do you think? Don’t they looks cute together?

Anchor of My Heart (Heb 6:19)

Anchor of My Heart (Heb 6:19) via acuppacards

What is coming next…Christmas gift under the tree. Have you finish with your Christmas shopping and wrap up all your gift? I done my shopping but still procrastinating with the wrapping. It is just not an easy task to have a young baby around during the gift wrapping. She will just put every single piece of paper into her mouth. So, it will just have to wait till I find time on my own in the middle of the night. My dilemma? I love to sleep. >.<

Character Matters

Many times I walk around the shopping mall looking for idea that inspire me, what captured my eyes for the past 2 years are often something vintage, something old, something faded, crafty looking and DIY. Most often, I found them through the creative blog from the other side of the earth. I found myself wishing I am nearer so I can go to the same flea market, boutique and antique hall they are sharing. But, I am way too far from for it.

Still, I couldn’t deny my desire to surround myself with those vintage find with such beautiful character. Yes, it is the character each item carries that captivate me. Maybe it is their faded shade, peeling texture, raw material, unique flavor, the mark of ages, or even the story behind…I couldn’t tell exact why but I just love them. Since when? I don’t have a clue exactly…but awww, I love them!

God is Good (Deu 7:9)

God is Good (Deu 7:9) via acuppacards

So, I began to put earnest action in putting up my house with beautiful vintage find. Stack of old books, frame of vintage art, vintage finds and always with a touch of green. Simple touch like this can make me happy for days as I often sit around just to admire their subtle beauty.

Do tell me what you think. Are you into vintage find? If you were in Malaysia, where do you find them and how do you use them?

For me now, I love what I have and I look forward for more time to work on things I love. ^.^