Character Matters

Many times I walk around the shopping mall looking for idea that inspire me, what captured my eyes for the past 2 years are often something vintage, something old, something faded, crafty looking and DIY. Most often, I found them through the creative blog from the other side of the earth. I found myself wishing I am nearer so I can go to the same flea market, boutique and antique hall they are sharing. But, I am way too far from for it.

Still, I couldn’t deny my desire to surround myself with those vintage find with such beautiful character. Yes, it is the character each item carries that captivate me. Maybe it is their faded shade, peeling texture, raw material, unique flavor, the mark of ages, or even the story behind…I couldn’t tell exact why but I just love them. Since when? I don’t have a clue exactly…but awww, I love them!

God is Good (Deu 7:9)

God is Good (Deu 7:9) via acuppacards

So, I began to put earnest action in putting up my house with beautiful vintage find. Stack of old books, frame of vintage art, vintage finds and always with a touch of green. Simple touch like this can make me happy for days as I often sit around just to admire their subtle beauty.

Do tell me what you think. Are you into vintage find? If you were in Malaysia, where do you find them and how do you use them?

For me now, I love what I have and I look forward for more time to work on things I love. ^.^