Cake for my lil helper

I have been reading a book for my lil girl during her bedtime. It was her favorite book. A simple story about a lil bunny visiting her grandma, and they make cupcake together. The grandma bunny doesn’t mind that lil bunny get all covered in sticky pink frosting. When come to this part of the story, my lil girl has a lot of questions to ask…

“Mommy, what the lil bunny doing?”
“Mommy, lil bunny sitting on the table?”
“Mommy, lil bunny eating the pink frosting?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is dirty?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is happy?”

So, I wanted to allow her to experience this for herself, eating the cake frosting on the table, getting all sticky and dirty.

Here’s is the chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting. The cake is not the most important thing, but the process.



This is what my lil helper gets to do in the process…


And this is the end result…


One happy sticky lil helper. And a mommy with lotsa cleaning to do 🙂


Joy is so simple

The day in day out routine for caring a baby can really wear me out. But, thank God for the “but”, and the “sometime”, not one time…but “sometime” which can occur quite often if one pay attention, the joy of being a mother.

After breakfast and clean up, I had her freshen up in adorable pink dress, with a lil pink clip on her hair. It was just another day, like any other day. But, that day…the sun is shining blissfully into her room while I am folding her laundry. She just stand by the wall beside being chatty as usual. The next thing I realize, she is seeking my attention with her volume slightly louder than usual. As I turn my head toward her…I notice my girl has grown taller. She is standing right next to the spring wall sticker with measurement I put up in her room since she is born. But, I never really bother to measure her with it because when I had it up, she’s just a lil baby.

I dunno since when…time just fly by and suddenly, a beautiful girl standing infront of me.

She waited patiently for me to notice her (and even for me to pick up my mobile phone camera in my pocket) and she began to act. First, she turn to look between the cupbord and the wall as if she is answering the door, and turn to look at me in the eyes with a few words. Then, she attempt to jump to reach for the paper roses I stick on top of the wall sticker, along the branches. (She love to touch the paper roses every time I carry her in her room.) The attempt failed, of course. She seem to turn her head and say…”sorry, I can’t get you the roses.” and run toward me with a few more words randomly pointing the roses. It was a very clear request. So, I put down everything and bring her toward the roses. She reach to it with happy chuckle.

Joy is so simple. I am glad I can enjoy these wonderful moment with her.