Cake for my lil helper

I have been reading a book for my lil girl during her bedtime. It was her favorite book. A simple story about a lil bunny visiting her grandma, and they make cupcake together. The grandma bunny doesn’t mind that lil bunny get all covered in sticky pink frosting. When come to this part of the story, my lil girl has a lot of questions to ask…

“Mommy, what the lil bunny doing?”
“Mommy, lil bunny sitting on the table?”
“Mommy, lil bunny eating the pink frosting?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is dirty?”
“Mommy, lil bunny is happy?”

So, I wanted to allow her to experience this for herself, eating the cake frosting on the table, getting all sticky and dirty.

Here’s is the chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting. The cake is not the most important thing, but the process.



This is what my lil helper gets to do in the process…


And this is the end result…


One happy sticky lil helper. And a mommy with lotsa cleaning to do 🙂


My 1st Strawberry Cupcake

strawberry cupcake

My very first strawberry cupcake freshly bake from the oven. It make my whole house smell so sweet. I dunno about others, but I began to fall in love with baking because of the sweet sweet fragrance it left linger in the house. It turn a house to a home. It is the food on the table, and the satisfaction from the face of those who enjoy it.

Last week, I tried orange poppy seed cupcake and it turn out soft and sweet. I decided to skip the cream frosting for the health reason. JP enjoy the cupcake so much he decided he should share it with his colleague in office. At the end of the day, he return from work with a message from his colleague.

“Your cupcake is very nice. But, I think you should ADD some lite frosting to finish the final touch and flavor.”


So, I decided to give it another try with some fresh strawberry I bought from the farmer market in Cameron Highland. Again, when the cupcake ready and out from the oven smelling so sweet and soft. I am tempted to skip the frosting. But, I am glad I didn’t because oooh it turn out soooo gooood!

I used half bar of milted butter, 1 full bar of cream cheese, 2 table spoons for vanilla essence, 2 table spoon of sugar free strawberry jam (to create the sweet touch of baby pink colour), and also 60ml of custard sugar. I beat it slowly till fluffy. It turn out so nice.

So, here’s the final touch of the cupcake with the cream cheese and finished with a big juicy strawberry on top.

Strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting

My mom have two. She say, “s’more cream cheese please…”