The Beautiful Gaze

I love horse. I love their free spirit and the gentleness of their look. I admire the way they run in the ranch, thanks to Ree, the writer of The Pioneer Women who share her life living and running a ranch. I follow many of her wonderful/ proven recipe and lively sharing of her life and those she loves. Most of the time, I admire all the ranch photos she took of the cow and the wild horse, and imagine they are before my very own eyes. I wish I can visit a ranch someday, smell the air, stepping on those grass and watching those wild horse passing by in group gracefully. I don’t and won’t need to live or have a ranch despite I like what I see. It is REAL HARDWORK (and joy) to keep a ranch (according to Ree).

Anyway…I am inspired by these beautiful creature and decided to produce a wall art with the horse.


The beautiful gaze of my horse. So peaceful and kind. I draw with charcoal pencil on white sketching paper. Then, I add on a silver ribbon frame, paste along the edge of the drawing and made a few silk flowers to go along with it. I wanted the wall art to look 3D. I have an old frame where I painted white sometime ago. I insert the drawing and stick on the flowers.


Here’s the finished look. YES! I STICK THE FLOWER ON THE GLASS! Isn’t it pretty? Even Issy’s bunny couldn’t help to touch it. 🙂

If you like the horse, you can download the horse drawing here, print it out and create your own horse wall art. You don’t have to put flower if you think it is too feminine. You can add buttons, key, leaf, coin, clock face, stamp or anything you have in your collection so it become your very own.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This wall art will go into my lil girl room 😉


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Character Matters

Many times I walk around the shopping mall looking for idea that inspire me, what captured my eyes for the past 2 years are often something vintage, something old, something faded, crafty looking and DIY. Most often, I found them through the creative blog from the other side of the earth. I found myself wishing I am nearer so I can go to the same flea market, boutique and antique hall they are sharing. But, I am way too far from for it.

Still, I couldn’t deny my desire to surround myself with those vintage find with such beautiful character. Yes, it is the character each item carries that captivate me. Maybe it is their faded shade, peeling texture, raw material, unique flavor, the mark of ages, or even the story behind…I couldn’t tell exact why but I just love them. Since when? I don’t have a clue exactly…but awww, I love them!

God is Good (Deu 7:9)

God is Good (Deu 7:9) via acuppacards

So, I began to put earnest action in putting up my house with beautiful vintage find. Stack of old books, frame of vintage art, vintage finds and always with a touch of green. Simple touch like this can make me happy for days as I often sit around just to admire their subtle beauty.

Do tell me what you think. Are you into vintage find? If you were in Malaysia, where do you find them and how do you use them?

For me now, I love what I have and I look forward for more time to work on things I love. ^.^

Faith is confidence

Assurance of Spring

I have been dreaming about painting again. It is a dream I gave up for almost a 15 years. But, God is good to me. After all and all, I am so inspired to draw again. A desire which surpass all the other interest and dream…just to be able to hold that paint brush and draw again.

During my younger day…drawing were merely an expression of the lust for colour, shape and composition. Today, drawing becoming an intention and a platform to deliver a message. The colour, the shape and composition becoming the technique of delivering the message.

Surely you must know…I am grateful that both my hands were able to listen to my head and steadily do what I needed them to do. I am grateful for this gift…to the One above who bless me.

So, as I put my hands down to draw again…it have to be my admiration to Him, the One and Only God who love me just the way I am. It also mark the beginning of sharing about my journey after becoming a Christian 7 years ago.

All that I learned, I experienced,  I wish to share it with you through my painting.

So here you have the first painting …”Assurance of Spring”.
For more information about the painting, do find out more from here.

I also wanted to dedicate this painting to a very dear Ps Chandran & Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your life with us. During this season of difficulties, I like to return the same verses you once share with me. May God be your strength!