Build me a cluster house

I am busy with a commercial project for a series of professional training material. It was nice yet very ordinary designing on the screen, then review, and colour proofing and printing into a book. I am grateful for all these job which enable me to earn a living from home. I also sincerely appreciate my client who allows me to bring my little girl along for meeting. It is a very tough meeting. Not that my client is tough or the project is tough, but my lil girl request for a toilet break every 15 minutes. So, in a 2 hours meeting, I took her to toilet 6 times. I hardly even have time to write my note but trying to memorize every possible information with my overloaded brain. Then, the last 15min of the meeting, I have my peace because my lil girl finally down napping on my shoulder. I have all the info written down while I wrap up all the items discussed. I am exhausted.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I express my deep appreciation for my lil girl for keeping me company though the meeting and I reward her with a mini cornetto ice-cream when she finally wake up from her nap. I also try to explain to her going to toilet every 15 minutes is not cool although mommy meeting is really boring. I promise I will work on some interesting project with her.

Cardboard Cluster House

It is much more interesting compare with my on the screen job and much more interesting for my lil girl to participate and work on the project it me.

I will do this if I have more time…

Tall Cluster Tower

Or I will do this, if I have very little time…

Simple Castle


I look forward to finish up my project soon and spend some time to build some cluster house with her. Hang on, my lil girl…mommy love you!


Flower! Flower! Flower!

I am so excited over the DIY flower. They are so lovely, magical yet so easy to make. I am so surprise there are so many ways of making them. Now I know what I am going to do with those shirt / pants/ cloths that wear off. I will turn them into these beautiful creation for different occasion and purposes.

First come first…the flower for my lil girl room…the 3D tree in the previous post? It have to be this! I will make it with various of love colour fabric…awwww, so sweet!

Then…there are more variety I will make it on my lil girl shirt, sweater, jacket, dress, headband, hat, shoes like these…

On the pillow like this…sure to make my Blueprint girl go…wooo woooo woooooooo!

Do you need more? I am so overwhelm! All these, thanks for the sharing by Jones Design Company.

Oh…last but not least…I will do these ornament flower too. However, I will modify it a little using recycle paper cup/ cover instead of the material suggested. Well, I believe it will be as adorable as these. Check out Stephanie Lynn in Under the table dreaming tutorial too. Oh, so creative!

lit sad vs lit joy

2 more days…just 2 more, I will step into the door which mark the next phase of my life…giving birth to my lit darling girl. Suddenly, I began to wonder to myself…do I eat enough? prepare enough? anything I miss out? Is there anything I can do now to enhance it…like maybe provide her with more nutrition food or something???

Well, I got nervous after been told I have been too simple with my diet and whatever I took will reflect on my baby. Then, I began to wonder…is it really that bad? I will certainly agree I don’t have anything luxury…but simple food is the basic need compare with fancy food isn’t it? (trying to convince myself that I ate enough)

Still, I couldn’t help it… I took extra effort in making myself some herbal chicken soup, additional cup of orange carrot juice and told myself…this is good for baby. At least…it is something, even is just 2 days…every effort count. I like to believe so. And, I make up my mind, this will be the first and the last. Never will I put my hope on someone else to provide for me (and my lit one). Lesson learned.

Lastly…lots of prayer…begging God to bless my child. This is the lit sad part of my day.

Then, I need to turn and switch on my happiness…and I began browsing for ideas…of course, for my lit girl. Here’s what I like and I will change my plan again to this one (oh well, I get to keep changing until I get to step my foot back to my own home).

Isn’t tis sweet? Indeed, my lit girl deserve a pretty room with blossom. What a joy!

Check out this wonderful lady who share all things about children and baby design…it is so inspiring!