Pale Seashell Summer Deco

How is your summer coming along? It is still warm in your part of the world?

We are having heat wave now in Asia. The never failing Jun-July Indonesia burning season never fail to turn my world pale, with a shade of haze and the burning smell. Every morning, I look out the window wishing those are not pollution but the morning mist, even though morning mist never exists in the concrete jungle. So, with my windows close tide and the cold air from the air-condition, as well as the air purifyer on, I love the pale pale city I see.

Many may prefer to brings colours into home during summer but I love the whitish pale shade. I start off with my seashell and raindrop deco first. Then, I found this very beautiful pale seashell from Sabah. Forgive me for collecting the seashell although I know it means killing the living creature who used to live inside. But, it is the development in my country that dig the sand from the deep ocean and fill the shore with more land for commercial purposes. Seashell like this often left abandon in hills of sand, and then under the development.


So, I make up my summer table centerpiece with this giant female seashell, company by pale green, blue pebbles, and more small seashell.


I also have the whitish coral rock on the display shelf. It looks awesome with my chrome coral tree don’t you think?


Have a blessed summer 🙂




Seashell & Raindrop

We hate love the sun in my country, because he really work hard all year round. Sometime he hide behind the cloud but most of the time, he ensure we never need to bring along a sweater wherever we go. We have summer everyday, every year, never change, never fail. So, we go beach all the time. The rain come and go. The warm breeze often follows.

May to September, in this part of the world – prime time for island hoping, beach camping, sand castle building, snorkeling and diving. I am taking my family for a family vacation in Pangkor Island this July. I can’t wait!

Before that, I decided to setup some beach deco in my house to anticipate my summer holiday with family.


Seashell with raindrop on the dry branches. The seashell reminds me of the sea and the island. I love the rain because we need it badly to cool down the hot hot day. 🙂 So, I thought of sharing the steps I took to achieved this simple summer deco.

First, I create some rain drop.


Material: Cotton string (or fishing string or any nice white string you have), scissor and crystal beads.summerdeco_crys02

Crystal beads through the string.


I insert about 10 crystal beads.summerdeco_crys04

Tie a dead knot at the last crystal bead.

And tie a ring circle to use as “hook”

I create total 10 of the “rain drops”. Next is the seashell, using the same cotton string to tie 2 seashell to one string.
summerdeco_shell01 summerdeco_shell02

You can choose to poke a hole in your seashell or just tie a knot around a perfect seashell according to its shape and edge. summerdeco_shell03 summerdeco_shell04

I finish each set with a ring circle as the “hook”. I make total of 10 seashell strings. I love how the string criss crossing randomly as if it was tangle there naturally. 🙂

I found a dry branches long time ago and I had it spray painted white to create the weathered look by the beach. I have it place inside my metal bucket filled with a silver fish-net scarf and bigger pieces of seashell. Then, I hang all the pieces randomly on the branches.summerdeco_shell05

And, here’s my sun room with the new seashell deco to bring the beach into my home. I have other  seashell deco which I will show you later in the next post.


This simple deco is very subtle and goes along with all the cream and white I have in my sun room. Most importantly, it makes me happy everyday when I sit here reading my book, company my lil girl playing kitchen. I am so looking forward for my summer family vacation. 🙂


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Orange is Magic!

What is your colour for Chinese New Year? RED, RED, & more RED?

What happen if I am bored with RED, and, I don’t want RED? I have too much of RED during my Christmas. So, can I have other color rather than RED?

The next come in mind…pink, like the cherry blossom tree. But, that is so valentine. Then, I am thinking to just go for something representing spring, as Chinese New Year is marking the first day of spring in Chinese lunar calendar. Spring, is when all plants grow and creatures awaken from the cold winter. I love the idea but you may already notice…I live in a part of the world with no season change. I have big hot sun and green trees all year long. There isn’t anything to be excited about spring. What a lost, you must be thinking >.< Yeah, that is why, we don’t do spring here, but often focusing on the red and gold prosperity Chinese New Year, which is my problem here too.

Then, I go for my morning market shopping and I saw rows and rows of mandarine oranges displaying for upcoming Chinese New Year. Just so you know, mandarine oranges are called “kam” in Cantonese “kan” in Chinese, which mean “gold”. We brings mandarine oranges when we visit relative and friends during Chinese New Year to symbolise blessing of prosperity. Many Chinese believes the starting of every lunar year is the best time to invite the “choy san”, which mean saint of prosperity into their home. That is the reason for all the gold tinted decor during Chinese New Year. This believe is cultural although some practice the ceremony of inviting the saint of prosperity into their home during the eve of Chinese New Year.

Ok…let’s get back to my own part of story. It is when I saw mandarine oranges, I pause and think…orange is not bad of an idea. Then, as I turn to the next corner…I saw HERMES! I saw more orange! Orange is a good idea.

I got home and begins with some research and found the below! I M IN LOVE WITH ORANGE! ORANGE IS A FINE IDEA!


Le temps devant soi – Famous luxurious fashion house Hermès has unveiled their latest Spring Summer 2012 advertising campaign, fronted by model Bette Franke. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg the Dutch beauty looks absolutely gorgeous like a butterfly, with scarves behind her back flowing gracefully. via

I always love Hermes! I love all their ads, their design, and most importantly, the quality of their products.

Hermès goods are almost entirely made in France by hand in middle-sized workshops (“Ateliers Hermès”) with an emphasis on quality manufacturing. Indeed, Hermes claims most items are fabricated from beginning to end by one person only, which is supposed to be a guarantee of the quality and uniqueness of Hermès products.via


Photo via

Just look at the above! Can I have these for CNY? I am praying hard that my hubby will “stumble upon” my blog! Maybe I am asking too much…one of them will do too. >.<

But anyway…I m so going ORANGE for my CNY decor!

Note: Ain’t no paid advertisement by Hermes. Just love Hermes, o man.