Seashell & Raindrop

We hate love the sun in my country, because he really work hard all year round. Sometime he hide behind the cloud but most of the time, he ensure we never need to bring along a sweater wherever we go. We have summer everyday, every year, never change, never fail. So, we go beach all the time. The rain come and go. The warm breeze often follows.

May to September, in this part of the world – prime time for island hoping, beach camping, sand castle building, snorkeling and diving. I am taking my family for a family vacation in Pangkor Island this July. I can’t wait!

Before that, I decided to setup some beach deco in my house to anticipate my summer holiday with family.


Seashell with raindrop on the dry branches. The seashell reminds me of the sea and the island. I love the rain because we need it badly to cool down the hot hot day. 🙂 So, I thought of sharing the steps I took to achieved this simple summer deco.

First, I create some rain drop.


Material: Cotton string (or fishing string or any nice white string you have), scissor and crystal beads.summerdeco_crys02

Crystal beads through the string.


I insert about 10 crystal beads.summerdeco_crys04

Tie a dead knot at the last crystal bead.

And tie a ring circle to use as “hook”

I create total 10 of the “rain drops”. Next is the seashell, using the same cotton string to tie 2 seashell to one string.
summerdeco_shell01 summerdeco_shell02

You can choose to poke a hole in your seashell or just tie a knot around a perfect seashell according to its shape and edge. summerdeco_shell03 summerdeco_shell04

I finish each set with a ring circle as the “hook”. I make total of 10 seashell strings. I love how the string criss crossing randomly as if it was tangle there naturally. 🙂

I found a dry branches long time ago and I had it spray painted white to create the weathered look by the beach. I have it place inside my metal bucket filled with a silver fish-net scarf and bigger pieces of seashell. Then, I hang all the pieces randomly on the branches.summerdeco_shell05

And, here’s my sun room with the new seashell deco to bring the beach into my home. I have other  seashell deco which I will show you later in the next post.


This simple deco is very subtle and goes along with all the cream and white I have in my sun room. Most importantly, it makes me happy everyday when I sit here reading my book, company my lil girl playing kitchen. I am so looking forward for my summer family vacation. 🙂


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By Stephanie Lynn    
Savvy Southern Style