Underwater Random Typo

This is some recent work I did which I personally have great fun doing it. Unfortunately, I only manage to do the cover and the month of January…and that it! ūüėõ

Hope you like it too…


Droplet from God’s Palette

I am working on a new set of calendar design every year based on the upcoming fashion trend.

From a reliable source…the colour for 2010 is beach, marine and coral reef. To my amazement…after some research and finding, I am playing with one of the most beautiful material I ever encounter…the marine species. Although my preference of colour always been very pastel and clean, but I can’t deny how abruptly beautiful and unique they are – like never before.

I guess…when God is not too busy attending to us, He probably spend some of His leisure time exploring His creativity and sense of humor in the world last hidden wilderness.

There’s a quote: “There are many, but only little knew it.”

Fierce Warm Color Marine Species

Fierce Cold Colour Marine Species

Lastly…if you are amazed by these droplets from God’s palette…please read this!

The world’s oceans are teaming with vivid life sources, that can only be appreciated through the lens of the naked eye. When these species become extinct, how can we ever find such amazing wildlife, surviving among us that offer such delectable colour palettes and limitless inspiration?

Is all about us making a different. We have the responsibility to ensure the oceans continue to live and breathe for the future generations.

The Synchronizing Connection

This is another art piece base on my favorite tree…the birch.

The Orgin of the name
The common name birch is derived from an old Germanic root, birka, with the Proto-Indo-European root, “white, bright; to shine.” The Proto-Germanic rune berkanan is named after the birch. The botanic name Betula is from the original Latin.
Information taken from Wikipedia

The Physical Appearance
‚ÄúIt is when its slightly crooked stem stands alone on the slope of some river glen, brown with fallen leaves of autumn, and lit up by the varying hue of the dead fronds of bracken, with its round slender branches, of polished purple bronze, weeping in festoons eight or ten feet long, that the Birch is seen in all its beauty of outline. It is, however, when these bare boughs, or those of the smaller trees that dot the heathery wastes of Epping Forest or Bagshot Heath, begin to clothe themselves in April with their transparent foliage of fluttering brilliant leaflets, that the tree is, perhaps, at its perfection of grace and loveliness. When grouped together in numbers, a grove of young Birches in winter presents an almost smoke-like hazy effect of copper boughs and purple twigs springing round the slender silver stems; but in spring they lose all signs of somber melancholy, and seem to laugh as their leaves dance in the sunbeams which fall between them on to the dog-violets that strew the wood-side.‚ÄĚ

The Characteristic
The Birch is remarkable for its power of holding its own, and spreading, amongst heather, where other species are commonly stifled unless protected. Thus, formerly it was not a common tree in Epping Forest, but, from this power and its enormous production of seeds, which are scattered far and wide by the wind, owing to the little wing attached to them, it is now spreading rapidly, springing up spontaneously wherever the soil is dry, if a clearing has been made by fire or felling. The Birch has been noticed as being, in fact, well equipped for the battle for life.
Information taken from 2020site.


Title: The Synchronizing Connection

I choose the Silver Birch, which standing tall and straight in numbers in the winter landscape. The posture of the tree reminded me of people standing together with beatitude. They are interconnect because of their upright posture, and synchronizing their act with the way, the word of the One. They are well equipped for the battle of life, a standing inspiration with overflowing grace and wisdom.

I break this art piece to 3 pieces frame, which works out an interesting connection through the connecting breeze line. This is very much my choice of colour and theme to go in the dining hall.


I simply love this. Do let me know what you think. ^_~