LMQuater 2’08

LesMills Quater workshop just over. Knowing how enthusiasm I am with all the group exercise, I ONLY join 2 programs – Body Jam & Body Balance… the minimum ever in my record after being an instructor. Why? Not feeling well due to over workout, can’t take more.

Due to that, I have some time to take some photos for Body Vive. I like their colour theme…purple!

Another thing that excite me – let me introduce to you ladies and gentleman, MY TEACHERS. I been talking about them all these while….so…here they are! Aren’t they looks gorgeous? ^_~


Swimming with the star…

Past 2 days, on top of other seem to be more exciting things to do, I attended Body Balance class, as a participant.

It has been a long time…since my last. I almost forgot how it feels like being a participant. ^_~ I am glad I make that decision.

Some very old release I don’t even know…the experience is fantastic.

I always love the relaxation. It is a time for self pamper, after all the hardwork. You might think I did it so often, there isn’t anything great about it. Yet, there is different for being the one on the stage, and on the floor.

Soft music, calming voice, gentle words come and go, drops of rain on the window, with yellowish reflection from the road lamp shinning through…this is the kind of BBalance class to end the day, felt like swimming with the star…

Swimming with the star...

A very quick illustration I did after the class…before the feeling disappear…

All I need

Body Balance – one of the most beautiful group exercise program from Les Mills. It is a graceful connection of music, voice and the movement. It enables the participant to embrace in the moment, from beginning till the end. I personally believe a good voice plays the magical role, that make a big different to the overall experience.

I am glad….after some effort, guidance and support from friends, I manage to keep the lil flame for Body Balance burning stronger. I am grateful to the participants who see me through this period, and enjoying the time with me. Thank you.

I need no words of affirmation, but to see the participant enjoying every single breath with me. That is all I need.

Thanks to “Her” who finally attended my class (after a long long time) … took some nice photos of me after my class.