The Beautiful Gaze

I love horse. I love their free spirit and the gentleness of their look. I admire the way they run in the ranch, thanks to Ree, the writer of The Pioneer Women who share her life living and running a ranch. I follow many of her wonderful/ proven recipe and lively sharing of her life and those she loves. Most of the time, I admire all the ranch photos she took of the cow and the wild horse, and imagine they are before my very own eyes. I wish I can visit a ranch someday, smell the air, stepping on those grass and watching those wild horse passing by in group gracefully. I don’t and won’t need to live or have a ranch despite I like what I see. It is REAL HARDWORK (and joy) to keep a ranch (according to Ree).

Anyway…I am inspired by these beautiful creature and decided to produce a wall art with the horse.


The beautiful gaze of my horse. So peaceful and kind. I draw with charcoal pencil on white sketching paper. Then, I add on a silver ribbon frame, paste along the edge of the drawing and made a few silk flowers to go along with it. I wanted the wall art to look 3D. I have an old frame where I painted white sometime ago. I insert the drawing and stick on the flowers.


Here’s the finished look. YES! I STICK THE FLOWER ON THE GLASS! Isn’t it pretty? Even Issy’s bunny couldn’t help to touch it. 🙂

If you like the horse, you can download the horse drawing here, print it out and create your own horse wall art. You don’t have to put flower if you think it is too feminine. You can add buttons, key, leaf, coin, clock face, stamp or anything you have in your collection so it become your very own.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This wall art will go into my lil girl room 😉


Sharing my bits and pieces with these fun parties:

By Stephanie Lynn    
Savvy Southern Style   


Sweet Sweet Spring!


Spring is all about spring shower, enjoying cuppa black coffee while working. Once again, a new beginning I long waited. I have a long long long winter, but my spring has surely arrived.

If you wondered where have I been for the past one year or so…all I can say is, I am having a busy working mum life like many other women who has to work while caring for their child. Projects after projects, challenges after challenges. Some I greatly enjoy (often, it packaged with lotsa sleepless night), and some I deeply hated (I promise myself that I will never work on those projects again). But, isn’t that part and parcel of life? Some bitter and sweet in everything we do, like the cup of black coffee I often embrace. It is a journey that make us who we are today.

The only thing that really bother me, is my lil girl. Oh, how times has flies and she is almost 3 now. I truly miss her (as if I am not with her) and I couldn’t have enough of her. I treasure every breath and moment I have with her, and felt deeply sorry for the times I have to spend in working instead of playing and teaching her. I am not complaining because I know I am greatly bless to have her by my side even when I work. She always linger around, singing, playing her toy, watching a show and asking questions.

Issy: “Mama, cupcake for you”
(Handing me a tray of toy cupcakes)
Me: “Where is the spoon? Mama need a spoon to eat the cupcake”
(She run away to get me a spoon while I finish up a few more click on my work)
Me: “Thanks, darling”
Issy: “Mama, I want a cake”
Me: “Ok, mama make you a cake”
(And so…I stop all I do and sew her some cakes, cookies and bun. Next, it will be “Strawberry flavor” ice cream…)

I hope my memory won’t fail me in years to come… remembering all the wonderful moments I have with her…


Simply Spring


Just incase you haven’t notice, I love WHITE! It delights me a lot when I am able to just go back to my WHITE. Just the simple white and not answerable to all the seasonal, festive colour. So, I didn’t even need to think twice about what to do for my simple spring. I don’t really care that spring has many more wonderful colour, they are nice, but what appealing to me, lasting forever, is just WHITE!

I am kinda relief when the house get to go back to simple white. Simple colour give me peace and making life more natural. 🙂

Simple life is just clean white
Simple life is cooking a hearty meal
Simple life is watching TV with my husband and lil girl
Simple life is able to write my thought after a long day with a cuppa
Simple life is able to pray, praise and worship God anytime, anywhere

Thank GOD for my simple life.