Recipe for egg & cheese lover

JP send me a Facebook message with an egg & cheese toast picture.

He say: “Make it, make it!”

So, If you love egg and cheese like JP and my lil Issy, you must try this. What make it better….it can be done within 15 min from preparation to oven and serving hot on table. I am not the creative master mind behind this recipe. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what you need…


4 pieces of breads, 2 eggs and some mozzarella cheese


Take one bread and cut a square in the middle. Try not the break the bread but just cut the shape and use your clean finger to press the bread down into the shape (as picture above). Place this slice of bread on top of another slice of bread.


Break an egg into the square slot you created. You will notice the egg white will go though the first slice of bread and wet the bottom one. That is the reason for having 2 layers instead of one. But, if you have a thick slice of bread, you can skip the bottom layer.


Now, add the mozzarella cheese around the eggs. Avoid the egg yoke (as picture above).


Let it go into the oven for a good 5-8 mins with 200 celsius. Do remember to check on your toast often as the duration may be varies from oven to oven.

It is up to you…to have the egg and cheese in the crispy finish like a pizza, or have it half boil with silky cheese and crispy bread.

I have mine like a pizza as JP is rushing off and he can have it in a run.


The inner texture is still soft and fluffy. I finish my egg & cheese toast with some black pepper, paisley and sprinkle of salt for taste. It is soooooo comforting to me tummy. You must give it a try. You won’t regret it. I promise! 🙂



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