What is the time now?

TV with children education show went off after an hour by the automatic timer I set to ensure my lil girl don’t watch more then an hour of TV every time. I was told TV is not good for young children. So, I m trying my very best not to encourage the habit and never give too much. Most of the time Sometime, I just need to give her some nice show so I can cook lunch, clearing the laundry, picking up toys or whatever I need to get done quickly.

The moment the TV went off, my lil girl run to me and say…
” Mommy, the TV is off. No more show. What is the time now?” I freeze. In my heart, I am pretty sure I didn’t teach my 2+ daughter how to read the clock and time. I don’t see how the info will be useful to her.

Me: “Is almost 12 pm now. Why you need to know the time?”
Issy: “What is the time now? No more TV time? What is the time now? Oh…is Clifford book time? She ran away to her room to grap her Clifford book before I reply. She is in love with her Clifford series and will find all possible opportunity to request for a book or two. As for me, I began to understand she is asking for what is next. I often describe the next thing to do like…is breakfast time, is shower time, is nap time, is park time and etc. It is easier for my 2+ year old to understand, and copy.

After TV time, what is next? The problem is, I often doing things randomly that I did’t set a compulsory time table for her. This suited me because I get to adjust my time according to my projects, my client meeting, supplier meeting, going market for grocery and etc. (Yeah, I took my daughter to meeting. Yeah, is crazy…urgg) Anyway, I don’t have timetable. But, few things I never skip… her meal, her nap, her book reading, prayer and sleep routine. As she grew older, she needs to know what is next. Knowing what is next gave her a sense of security and preparing her mentally and physically for the next easier.

I figure I should do her a timetable for her, with her help. I turn it to an art project with her and she love it, especially the sticking of sticker part. It is harder for me to do craft work because it is so time consuming and the amount of things needed. Designing a real cute artwork on computer and print out seamlessly is much easier for me. But she will miss all the fun.

So, after we have a quick lunch, I set the dining table up for our timetable art project. Here’s what I have…

Colourful time table for 2+ toodler

I am given a guideline by my elder sister of how a timetable should should work. All I need to do is modify the timetable according to my lil girl needs, and my needs. I draw the timetable with free hand on a colour card. Issy gets to pick her weekday plan card (blue) and weekend holiday card (green). I decided to write all the items and time on a separate white sticker so I can change them as she grow up. I guide my girl to stick colourful sticker on item like bed time, shower time, park time, snack time and etc. I have icon of car to remind myself those are the good time to travel out of home to do things, which does not fall on her meal time and nap time. As the result, this is what we have…

hand drawn toodler timetableI placed the timetable in my kitchen, above her cookies jar. Nothing sophisticated but it was good for my lil girl. She love her timetable with the cupcake, candy, strawberry, bunny, dog , duck and all stickers she likes.

Now, I took her to the timetable daily and point to her what is next in line. It is easy for JP too when he is caring for her during my gym time-out. He just refer to the timetable for ideas what to and what not. 🙂


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