Homemade Play Kitchen

I have plenty of project in mind. Too much for me to realize it in real life. I learned that all I have to do is just… one thing at a time, whenever possible. With the help of JP during weekend, I put up a small play kitchen for lil girl.

First, I have to show you this… the BEFORE.

Photo from Ikea

Photo from Ikea.com

Then, here’s the AFTER. Sorry for the photos. I can’t wait till the day light.


I added an oven with pull-out door using cardboard covered with wrapping paper, chrome door handle and finish with velcro to attached the door. Then, 2 stoves is done using CD and cup coaster. I used suction hook and mineral bottle cap to create the stove igniter. Then, the cutting pad is made of old mousepad I have. Finally, the washing area is setup with a door hinge hardware that look alike, and finish with my metal bowl as sink. The bottom drawer will be used as storage area for all her cooking tools and ingredient. I didn’t cut a hole to create the sink because I am considering to recycle the same bedside table as her dress up table when she is all done the playing kitchen.

My idea came from a visit in IKEA store. I love this IKEA play kitchen as shown below.

Photo from Ikea

Photo from Ikea.com

But for a price tag of RM388…Nooooo!

Then, I found many blog with Wonderwomen mommy who build a play kitchen for their daughter. So, I decide I should build one for her. To begin with, I created one with paper box which look like this. I plan to paint and colour it nicely but my lil girl tare it down in no time 😛


The stove area is fully destroyed. The only usable part is the oven area where she bake her cupcake everyday. I took the picture of this stove for the last time before I put it in the recycle area with Issy, and introduce her to the new play kitchen.

This is what she used to do…


And now…with the new play kitchen, right beside my kitchen

stove_new_070514 stove_play_070514I am planning to add on the top section for her play kitchen. Let me hunt for suitable material and I will give her play kitchen another round of upgrade. 🙂


Sharing my bits and pieces with these fun parties:

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