A month after Christmas

I am doing some housekeeping for my mobile content and notice these picture. I wonder why I didn’t share with you and now I am >.< , a month after Christmas. I know you won’t get excited over these cause Christmas is way over and you must be thinking “why on earth this women still posting about Christmas”. Well, just bear with me, will ya? At least consider these pictures is pleasing to your eyes.


Do you usually synchronize your gifts wrapping with the same tone of shade and style? I don’t. But this is my first time. However, I kinda put some extra elements here and there to differentiate which go to who.


This one is a contents bundle of items inside wrapping in the same shade of vintage Christmas wrapping paper. I have them all store inside glitering shopping bag to give it a good presentation but easy job done. I love these used Christmas card with the baubles design. So, I convert it greeting tag attaching to the shopping bag. Don’t you think it just bringing the overall look to  another dimension. ^.^


I got these postmas wrapping ribbon which looks so adorable. I couldn’t help not to use it although it appear too crowded with the wrapping paper. However, with a touch of old recycle paper wrap around it, the ribbon just stand out vibrantly. These gifts flied to Singapore for my sister’s family!

CMAS_2012_gifts01Last but not lease, these are for all my dear friends. As for now, I can tell you, since is a month after Christmas…they love them!

Initially, I am even considering to post up my Christmas decor too. But I think let us just drop it. I promise to post the Chinese New Year or Spring decor in my home. I manage to grap some nice tweets from the forest the other day and really excited to work on them real soon. Till then…xoxo

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