I know this is a little sudden but I can assure you I have no choice but to make this switch…for GOOD!

The reason being…

1) The previous setting don’t work well on mobile. This is important to me, and I am sure to you as well. I browse my blog on the go. The flexibility to view and edit without the complication of scroll and resize allows me to check, update, reply and post more often.

2) I love the much clean slick look of the current theme. It allows my picture to speak louder with the bigger space. Thank God for the new 960px! Wow! I love it!

3) Better organized content. You must agree with me that the new setting give more breathing space and very clear where to find the content you need without scroll up and down. Just go straight to the bottom!

4) And, Okay…is 2013! We need a fresh new look for 2013, don’t you agree?

Last but not least…just something I am dying to share…my lil girl birthday photo!

Isabelle 1st birthday

Just look at how happy she is when we sing her birthday song! This is what I mean by true blessingssssss!


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