3 Tier Royal Serving

It is my lil belle fullmoon (celebrating her 1st month of life…yeah!) and I’ve throw a sweet fullmoon party to celebrate her new life in our family. I was wondering if I could go all western with all the sweet cupcake, muffins, brownies, cookies, ice-cream and ….I can continue (cause I have a long wish list for my girl).

Nevertheless, it was dinner time and I can’t bake with my little oven or trying to put up too many things at one time. I was indeed and still very tired after the delivery, and busy building on my breastmilk flow (yeah…I am breast feeding my baby). I just can’t put myself to all that despite I want it badly. I been dreaming and meditating about this day when I am baring her and to not do anything about it simply painful.

So, there are many many suggestion…and one of it is going back to the basic of typical Malaysia party dishes, and I did. So…here’s the menu

Appetizer | Fried Fishball & Chicken Nuggets, Red Hard-boil Egg (Symbolise the full moon of a new born in Chinese belief)
Main Course | Fried glass Noodles, Friend Mihun serving with Curry Chicken
Dessert | Ang-Ku-Kuih in various flavour, My Mom homamade You-Cha-Kuih (oh! how I miss that…is been a while)
Refreshment |  Ribena in Straberry & Blackcurrant flavour (yeah…I skip this cause I am not allow to consume any cold drinks)

Anyway, the conclusion is…nothing fantastic to shout about. However…the only part I am please were the desserts. So, here’s how it looks on my 3 tier royalty high-tea set. Don’t you think they looks good?

Belle's fullmoon celebration

YES…they certainly taste good too!

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