the moment of “letting go”

“Sometimes the storm of life can literally brings us to our knees. Child Pose gives us the opportunity for spiritual surrender, to realize that ‘of myself, I can do nothing, but there is a power in me that can.’ We spend our whole lives resisting the idea of surrender, we see it as a weakness, as giving up. Then suddenly we hit a point where we realize that the moment of “letting go” is not when life is over, it is when life really begins…”

The quote above is given to all the BB instructors during our release 45 tuition…a great sharing from our head teacher. I don’t remember the source or origin of the quote… I am simply touch by the feeling behind every word.

It has come to a point for me…instead of fighting on to hold on permanent class…where I struggle in achieving what I wish in the class, but sometime fail to deliver due to the tiredness of the day… it is better for me to let it go.  Some people think that I am over critical to self. Yet, it does take me a while to get over it every time it happened.  Cheating and tolerating with sub standard is not my option. So, I knew the end is coming.

It was a quiet month (cum busy month)…the load of my work has driven me up to my neck like everyone else. Looking at the rate, I knew I need to be prepared for the closure, and I am right.

It is hard for me to initiate the closure although I am so burn-out, because the thought of unable to teach has truly saddened me. So, when it finally happened, part of me… I am glad…relief that I can retrieve my responsibility for some rest. The other part of me…feeling sad, because I know letting go of this commitment might also lead to a complete closure of this chapter…I know, the season coming to an end.

It was just a short 2 years…a wonderful journey I treasure. So much hard work, a group of people burning with the same passion and the will to do better each time…for the moment of fitness magic, is truly encouraging. It is about self discipline, the determination to work on, lots of practice, the excitement of each release and the love for those who enjoy the journey in the class…is such a joy to be teaching…truly.

I can’t foresee where will I be heading…if I would take on one or two from time to time…or a complete stop due to my overwhelming schedule, I am not sure yet…Whichever it is, I truly wish, those who is with me for the past 2 years, will continue their journey, enjoying this beautiful program in the days to come.

Then suddenly we hit a point where we realize that the moment of “letting go” is not when life is over, it is when life really begins…”




  1. Hi dear, it’s sad to hear that you dropped your class. But if it’s better for you to do that, you have my support.

    How’s your work?

  2. Sorry dear for late reply.

    I don’t know if it is better, the thought of stopping still sadden me. But I do need some time off to prioritize my load.

    As for my work, I am working on to drop it eventually…too. It is just the matter of time, after I setup the system and completing the cycle, I will end every relationship well.

    You must be wondering…what’s next?

    I might start off my own – running my own lit biz (the solo type) so I have no obligation to feed a team of people under my care, but have more time to do things I enjoy…like teaching body balance…maybe…

    I’ve been working for quite some years now. I decided that the happiness of life I am seeking is not climbing a higher position and earn more money, but to be able to stop and enjoy every moment of my life as I journey in every possible direction set before me…

    Pray for me. Okie?

    I will still join the coming Quarter until this year end. See ya around yeah? ^_~

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