Dreamland for all…

Hey guys and girls,

For those who have a little problemo called “Insomnia”. Check out the link below,


As summarised, these are just some of the steps you can take so that you can zzzzzzzzz

  • Turn off your mind
  • The herbal approach
  • Don’t waste your time in bed
  • Don’t turn your bed into an office
  • Try sex before bedtime
  • Light up your life
  • Eat a light snack before bedtime
  • Use mechanical aids
  • Avoid stimulants after twilight
  • Learn and practice relaxation techniques
  • Question your medication
  • Create a comfortable sleep setting

It’s all in there,

my personal favourite activity that will put me to sleep.

  • Reading Bible
  • Pray

It’s the best way to end a day… 🙂


One comment

  1. Haha…thanks my dear!

    For those who is facing this “insomnia”, the best way is still to solve the root of the problem, getting rid of the problem you are meditating in your head.

    As for me now…definitely is work and deadline.

    I have to go through this cycle of hardship to understand the production, to be “been there done that”. Only through full understanding of the limitation and challenges, I will be able to change it.

    So, all I hope truly…is to be able to rest at night. Pray for me…so I can rest.

    Beside, I am trying to go for more class (Combat & Jam), fast enough to block my head from thinking and analyzing.

    I have a great class yesterday in DU, Kim’s BJam, and Calvin’s Combat. Yupe, I have full 2 hours class. Both classes were fantastic. I simply admirer them for who they are, and what they capable of doing. Above all, they allow me to stop thinking, to enjoy…and finally, the most important of all, to be tired enough to sleep at night.

    Thanks ^_~

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