La Jument

This photo is taken by Jean Guichard, one of the most renounce lighthouse photographers in the world.

It belong to one series of seven pictures, titled “La Jument“, is world-famous; it depicts the French lighthouse “La Jument” in a tempest; a wave is about to engulf the lighthouse as its keeper, Théodore Malgorne, thinking Guichard’s was the rescue helicopter, looks out the open door. He realized the mistake and returned inside in time.

When I first saw the images in Ikea last Saturday, I am so impress and stunt with the shot. The photo is enlarge into an A1 frame and place in an open space. The view was just breathtaking. What an awesome shot! Can’t imagine how it was like when Jean Guichard took the photo. He probably forgot to breathe as well. Same go to Théodore Malgorne, I am glad he managed to return inside in time. Else, what kind of tragedy it will be.

I pointed the shot to Jeff, Sherman and Tiffany and they all said this is digitally composed. It can’t be real! This is the problem when you show any extraordinary picture to computer graphic expert. We forgot the fact of nature is far more creative than a computer, because nature is the work of God, but CG is work of human. But somehow, I felt it was real, and I am right.

Beyond my fascination, the lighthouse is a protection of God. When the days are dark and times were bad, I anxiously find ways to solve my own problem with my own strength, outside of what God already place for me. Those ways, can be deadly.

“It is only when I walk out from His protection I realize what He is really protecting me from. I see the winds and waves that threaten to completely wipe me out. Only then, I realize the only safety is always in His arms.” Quoted By Jonathan Blundell, which I absolutely agree with him.

A little background story about the famous La Jument shot

La Jument Lighthouse was built in 1911 after the shipwreck of the Drummond Castle and countless other sea vessles. In 1896 an estimated 250 people were killed during one accident near the site. Its building was financed by a French entomologist (a specialist in insects) who almost drowned in another shipwreck.

He pledged that he would pay for the construction of the lighthouse if the work could be completed in seven years. The structure was completed and still stands against the high winds and waves that crash around it throughout the year.

What’s most interesting about the La Jument story, captured on film by Guichard, is the fact that the lighthouse keepers thought Guichard was coming to rescue them by helicopter. They had been in the lighthouse for some time and had sought rescue from the storm in the upper levels of the building.

Their hiding place was quickly erased as they watched the waves crash through the glass and wash many of their belongings out to sea. They remained hopefully that help would arrive, and were certain that Guichard was the safety they had waited for. But in his true time of need, Malgorne realized the only hope he had was to return to safety of the lighthouse as the waves crashed around him.

Reference taken from Jonathan Blundell



  1. Yeah I know! Still, I truly hope to see this kind of wave with my own eyes, at least for once…and, still survive.

    It is amazing how this little lighthouse is build, lasted through many high winds and waves. That’s all that matters…isn’t it?

  2. Yeah, Sometime, There’s more than meet the eye. The picutre is blurry and look some sort of surreal, I guess, You can’t Judge a Picture by its Frame (A book by it’s cover)…. Well it look to perfectly time and framed. And lots of touch up 🙂 cheers

  3. I have to agree it look too impossible to capture this shot. The timing was excellent, with the right composition and focus. Another wave which gave such visual impact is in the movie “Perfect Storm” acted by George Cooney. To me, the wave in “Perfect Storm” looks even more real than La Jument.

    Beside, another key point is, if this picture is taken without the guard, the result will not be the same.

    I did some reading about how Jean took the shot. He used sequence shot! So, he kinda has the whole sequence of the wave coming and wipe over the tower. You can even see the guard run back to the lighthouse in time. So, this famous La Jument shot is while the wave is building up!

  4. ugh, again with the god-talk ……
    Even if there was one, it would have been neutral and not be ”on the human side” and not on nature’s. God couldnt protect that lighthouse since it would also be on the wave’s side. Sooo….
    Seriously, how hard is it to understand, you corrupt people?

    Always with the- ”God protects this, god protects that, we are its slaves and junk” , i mean come on!!

    • Dark Stormlord

      Based on your comment “God protect this….etc”, you seem to have resentment on God topic. I don’t know why but I hope you can at least respect human has the right to choose what they believe. If you don’t agree, you can move on…you don’t have to accuse.

      I ain’t born Christian and I ain’t slave of anyone. I choose my faith and this relationship with God, which gave me strength, peace and joy. And, I am absolute unapologetic about my faith.

      What I am sharing here is the reality of life…it is a challenging one for me – where I visualized in that big storm, so overwhelming beyond my capacity, which always aims to shallow me in. When everyone chose to give in and be corrupted to get what they want, accepted that only through killing, stealing and lying is the only way left to live. Being selfish, blunt, hash, hurt themselves and everyone around them it is what call “cool” and making their statement heard is called “having a personality and identity”.

      I wonder if I could ever rise above that storm, persevere and kept my integrity. I reflected my life with that guard in “La Jument” – so small and helpless in compare with the big storm. If it wasn’t for the lighthouse which was firmly rooted to the deepest base of that ocean – my life who firmly secure in the protection of God, I would gave up this life far long ago.

      What happen to you when things gone beyond your control, your capacity and your wisdom? Would you come down to your knee asking for protection or you would just let the storm of life swipe you away thinking you will take your chance to swim in that storm?

      Whichever you choose, I wish the best for you. I pray that you will find your peace and joy in all you do. However, when you need rest, do remember God is there.

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